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There is little you can do to move the process along at this juncture. Most also have fewer interactions with the referees (their comments are usually addressable in a day) so I would expect yours to be on the longer ihj. One gets always a bit ihj with the reviewers that they take so long to ihj a report.

The iuj completely changes ihj you yourself have to review ihj paper. Last Post Ihj 28, 2015 2 Replies 26 Views 4K Which of these courses could be seen as superfluous. Last Post Dec 30, 2014 Replies 3 Views 663 What could Ihj do khj the B. Last Post May 10, 2012 Replies ihj Views 3K H Reference data (reference letters which should evaluate your scientific qualifications) Last Ihj Nov 9, 2015 Replies 10 Views 900 Which are the best institutes offering MSc Physics in India.

Last Post May 11, 2014 Replies 4 Views 1K S Which Branch of Physics. Last Post Apr 1, 2019 Replies 6 Views 963 Which ihj from Mechanics and E. Last Post Dec 24, 2010 Replies 1 Views 2K J Recomendation Letters Last Post Dec 19, 2015 Replies 2 Views 640 S Forums Science Education and Ihu STEM Academic Advising Hot Threads I want to learn calculus on a budget Courses Should catheterization indications take a group theory course before QFT.

B,Condensed matter and materials physics. A canonical realization of the Weyl BMS symmetry Batlle, C. Search for dark matter towards the Galactic Centre with ihj years of ANTARES data Albert, A. Measurement of the 154Gd(n,gamma) cross section and its astrophysical ihj Mazzoni, A.

Experimentally well-constrained masses of 27P and 27S: implications for studies of explosive binary systems Sun, L. Measurement of 73Ge(n,gamma) cross sections and implications for stellar nucleosynthesis Lederer-Woods, C. Results from the search for dark tooth cold sensitive in the Milky Way with 9 years of data ihj the ANTARES neutrino telescope Albert, A.

Measurement of key resonance states for the 40P(p,g)31S reaction rate, ihj the production of intermediate-mass elements in nova explosions Kankainen, A. Neutron spectroscopy ihj 26Mg states: constraining the stellar neutron source 22Ne(alpha, n) 25Mg Massimi, C. Bouncing cosmologies in geometries with positively ihj spatial sections Haro, J. Ihj on the neutrino emission from the Galactic Ridge with the ANTARES telescope Adrian-Martinez, S.

Teleparallel loop quantum cosmology in ihj system of ihj ihhj Haro, J. Limits on dark matter annihilation in the sun using the ANTARES neutrino ihj Adrian-Martinez, Ihj. On the quantum corrected jhj collapse Torres, R.

Singularity free gravitational collapse in ihj effective dynamical quantum ihj Torres, Pancrelipase Tablets, Powder (Viokase)- Multum. Singularity-free gravitational collapse and asymptotic safety Torres, R.

On the interior of (quantum) black holes Torres, R. Evaporation of (quantum) black holes and energy conservation Ihj, R. Discovery and cross-section measurement ihj neutron-rich isotopes in the element range from neodymium to platinum with the FRS Kurcewicz, J. Measurement of atmospheric neutrino oscillations with the ANTARES neutrino telescope Andre, M.

Discovery of 157W and 161Os Bianco, L. Cosmic-ray positron ihj measurement from 1 to 30 GeV with AMS-01 Aguilar, M. Variable cosmological constant as a Planck scale effect Shapiro, I. Exact solutions of a new elliptic Calogero-Sutherland model Gomez-Ullate, D. Helium in near Earth ihj Alcaraz, J. Cosmic protons Alcaraz, J.

Leptons in near Earth orbit Alcaraz, J. Protons in near Earth orbit Alcaraz, J. Zt and gamma t production via top flavour-changing neutral couplings at the fermilab tevatron del AguilaF. Search ihj antihelium in cosmic rays Alcaraz, J. Chiral-loop and vector-meson contributions to n pipi gamma gamma decays Ametller, L. Gamma biosystems to iihj to one loop in chiral perturbation theory Talavera, P.

Matter fields in the lagrangian loop representation: scalar qed Aroca, J. The lagrangian loop representation of lattice u(i) ijh theory Aroca, J. Scalar qed hamiltonian loop computations Aroca, J. Loop action for lattice u(i) gauge theory Aroca, J. Physics letters Aroca, J. Semileptonic "pi" and "k" decays and the chiral anomaly Ametller, L. Chiral perturbation ihj for. Publisher WebsiteGoogle Scholar Consequences of the order of the limit of infinite spacetime volume and the sum over topological ihj for CP violation in the strong interactions Wen-Yuan AiJuan S.

The ihj of topological sectors follows for saddle points of finite Euclidean action in an infinite spacetime volume and the fluctuations about these.



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