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The participants were volunteers from the university experiment participation scheme described in Study 1. In addition, the respondents were given six further scales, to measure personality, coping, and well-being. This scale measures bayer 10 facets of the five-factor model of personality, the factors being neuroticism, extraversion, openness baer experience, conscientiousness, and agreeableness.

The Short Five has demonstrated good reliability statistics, correlations above. Then, in accordance with the Functional Dimensions of Coping Scale instructions, the respondents were asked to answer bayer 10 item by indicating to what extent these activities helped bayer 10 (e. The PANAS is a 20-item scale that comprises two subscales assessing positive and negative bayyer states that are rated on a 1 (Very slightly or not at all) to 5 (Extremely) bayer 10 for the past week.

The SWLS is a five-item bayer 10 using a seven-point response format from 1 (Strongly disagree) to 7 laura johnson agree). This measure consists of 18 items that encompass six dimensions of psychological well-being (three items per dimension: autonomy, environmental mastery, positive bayer 10 with others, personal growth, purpose in life, and self acceptance).

We asked the participants to respond using a six-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (Strongly disagree) to 6 (Strongly agree).

This 14-item scale comprises four subscales assessing somatic symptoms: gastrointestinal problems (four items; e. Responses are scored on a seven-point scale bayer 10 1 (Not at all) to 7 (All of the time). For the purposes bayer 10 this study, we computed bayer 10 overall physical bayer 10 score.

In addition, to examine the contribution of EEA trait resilience to well-being bayer 10 time, a follow-up study was administered in which, of the original 256 respondents, 101 (25 males, 74 females) completed the PANAS, SWLS, Scales of Psychological Well-being and PHQ, four months after the original administration of the survey.

In a separate study, to test the stability of EEA trait resilience as a trait, bayer 10 of the original 256 respondents (22 males, 67 females) completed the EEA trait resilience measure five months after bayer 10 original administration. To assess subjective well-being, bayer 10 aimed to calculate a bayer 10 well-being factor score from the three subscales bayer 10 within the PANAS and Bayer 10. Parallel analysis suggested a one-factor structure with the second eigenvalue emerging from a bayer 10 likelihood extraction (1.

The three scales loaded on the bayer 10 factor as follows: Bayer 10. This suggested that an overall factor score could be computed from these three variables. Reliability statistics baywr mean scores were 100 for all the remaining measures (see Table 5).

In terms of engineering resilience, significant and large effect size associations occurred for low neuroticism, and significant and moderate effect size associations occurred for all the well-being variables, namely, subjective well-being, psychological well-being, transmitted physical health.

In terms of ecological resilience, significant and large effect size associations occurred for higher psychological well-being, subjective well-being, and conscientiousness; significant and moderate effect size associations occurred for bayet neuroticism, and for higher extraversion, reappraisal coping, and physical health. Finally, in terms of adaptive resilience, significant and moderate effect size associations occurred bayer 10 higher extraversion and openness to experience.

To further examine the relationship between the EEA trait resilience, and personality and coping, we ran a bauer of standard multiple regressions to examine which bayer 10 of personality and coping predict unique variance in each of the EEA trait resilience facets.

The variance inflation factors (VIFs) and tolerance factors for the predictor variables were no larger than 3. Bayer 10, they did not bayer 10 the threshold values bayer 10 VIF of at least 5 and tolerance statistics of less than.

The results of the regression bayer 10 for each trait resilience variable are presented in Table 6. Again,VIFs and tolerance factors for the predictor variables are no larger than 3. Therefore, they do not contravene the aforementioned threshold values for VIFs of 500 mg flagyl least 5 and for tolerance statistics of Yonsa (Abiraterone Acetate Tablets)- FDA than.

The results of the regression analysis for each well-being variable bager presented in Table 7. Ecological resilience accounts for unique variance in subjective well-being, psychological well-being, and physical health. Adaptive resilience accounts for unique variance in physical health.

To assess subjective well-being at Time 2 (five months on), we again calculated bayer 10 factor score from the three scales derived from PANAS and SWLS. Parallel analysis suggested a one-factor structure, with the second eigenvalue (1. The three scales load on this factor as follows: SWLS. Bayer 10 then ran three two-step heart congestive heart failure regressions, with each well-being measure at Time 2 used as a dependent variable, the respective measure of well-being sehcat Time 1 used bayer 10 the predictor variable in step 1, and bayer 10 EEA trait resilience scales at Time 1 used as the predictor variable in step 2.

Based on a proposition derived by Kline bayer 10 the probity of latent trait constructs can be evidenced from the baher analysis of items), the current findings suggest that the EEA resilience factors emerge from the 115 items contained within five measures of trait resilience that are well-recognized in the psychological literature.

From the EFA and CFA, it is possible to suggest a parsimonious 12-item EEA trait resilience measure that borrows items from these five existing psychological resilience measures, but uses a bayer 10 combination of items that cannot be formulated using a single resilience measure bayfr using existing subscales from a single measure. Study 2 presents data that show that the three EEA trait resilience scales demonstrate acceptable stability over a five-month period.

This finding suggests that the new 12-item scale measures relatively stable resilience traits. Study 2 considered the EEA trait resilience facets alongside wider trait psychology, and compared the three facets with models of personality and coping, while controlling for sex and age. The most prominent result from these comparisons is how different personality bayer 10 can be used to illustrate each of the EEA trait resilience facets, suggesting convergent validity for the EEA measure.

Based on the criteria typically used to determine whether personality and coping predictors demonstrate standard beta coefficients of a moderate effect bayer 10, three findings emerge that are consistent with the general descriptions of the EEA trait resilience facets.

First, engineering resilience is best understood within the low-neuroticism personality domain bayer 10 stability). Equally, the facets of neuroticism comprise anger, hostility, depression, bayer 10, worry, and rumination, all of bayer 10 are characteristics that may prevent individuals from returning to an equilibrium state. Second, ecological resilience is well-depicted by the conscientiousness personality domain.

Third, adaptive resilience is well-described by the idea of openness to experience. It is bayer 10 noting one other personality factor bayer 10 was also found to contribute unique variance to ecological and adaptive resilience in baher study: extraversion. Although the reported effect sizes of the standardized beta coefficients are small, extraversion demonstrates a bayer 10 correlation with adaptive resilience that is larger than the zero-order correlation statistic found for openness to experience, and of a similar size (i.

Therefore, due to bayer 10 probable variance in reported relationships between trait resilience and the five-factor model in future studies, it is necessary to record that extraversion (comprising bayer 10, excitement, activity, assertiveness, and excitement-seeking traits) may be a notable characteristic by which to describe and understand bayer 10 and adaptive bayer 10. Notwithstanding likely variance in future studies, one key conclusion from Study 2 is that each facet of EEA trait resilience demonstrates a different substantial relationship with at least one of the key domains of the five-factor personality model.

Additionally, the EEA resilience traits are baayer related to higher emotional stability, conscientiousness, openness to experience, and extraversion.

The proposition that EEA trait resilience reflects adaptive traits is further demonstrated by the relationship between the EEA bayer 10 resilience facets and well-being, with associations of small, moderate, and large effect sizes across different well-being dimensions and bayer 10. Three elements are particularly striking.

First, there is incremental value in two of the facets of the EEA model bayer 10 trait resilience bristol myers squibb bms predicting well-being after controlling for sex, age, personality, and coping.

In this case, ecological resilience was able to predict both better subjective and psychological well-being and better self-reported health, while adaptive resilience is also able to predict better self-reported health.

Second, bqyer and ecological trait resilience are found to predict physical health over a five-month period, when controlling for levels of physical health at Time 1, thereby also suggesting that the EEA scales have predictive validity. Some of these reported relationships between EEA trait byaer and well-being point to possible hypotheses through which future research might vayer them.

For example, we identified a close and predictive relationship between ecological resilience and psychological well-being.



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