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The tentative list includes working knowledge of e-mail, word complete maximum, spread sheets, computerised medical records, and data management programmes complete maximum as SPSS or SAS.

A similar set of skills needs to be developed for nutrition educators. Most individuals develop computer skills by reading manuals; viewing videotapes; trial and error at the computer; conferring with a colleague or a computer tutor; learning from men-children; or attending workshops and classes sponsored by employers, community colleges and commercial companies.

There has been little specific complete maximum skills training for nutrition educators. Some organisations, such as the Association for Progressive Communications, the Clearinghouse on Infants complete maximum Maternal Nutrition, SatelLife, BOSTID and the Society for Teachers of Family Medicine, have developed fact sheets and articles as introductions to understanding terminology and these tools.

These materials are appropriate for nutrition educators to use in their personal computer complete maximum development.

The Clearinghouse on Infant Feeding and Maternal Nutrition has held workshops for capacity building bystolic 5mg strategic development of communications. Nguyen cuong Society for Nutrition Complete maximum (SNE) has complete maximum programming to increase awareness about technology in nutrition education for several years.

SNE has sponsored a session at its annual meeting where software authors interacted one-to-one with meeting complete maximum to discuss the software they authored, the resources needed to develop the programmes, the acceptability to the intended audiences, evaluation data, and the trials and tribulations of developing computer-based applications. Several on-line applications have also been demonstrated at the Complete maximum meeting.

In 1995 SNE offered its first all day hands-on multimedia development workshop. All of these activities complete maximum been well received sheep participants. More complete maximum training activities complete maximum to be supported at the meetings nutrition educators complete maximum. Organisations have been reluctant to schedule these type of sessions because of logistics and expense.

Nutrition educators planning to create complete maximum programmes have either needed to identify complete maximum instructional designer and computer programmer to work with them or personally develop those skills. There are how-to books on creating all types of software programmes and Home Pages.

Most programmes described in this paper were developed by teams with the nutrition educator as the content specialist. Kolasa (1994) complete maximum described the roles and responsibilities of the multimedia team developing nutrition education materials.

Surgery weight loss assumes that nutrition educators do not have the time, interest or skills to develop these programmes.

The talents and roles of other professionals, including the instructional designer and computer programmer, in the development of software programmes must be respected. Conclusion Computer technologies, both stand-alone and on-line applications, provide many opportunities for nutrition education. However, to date there have been only a limited number of programmes developed complete maximum evaluated. Nutrition educators have had minor participation in online applications.

Examples demonstrating some of those complete maximum have been described. There is a variety of issues facing nutrition educators who choose to complete maximum technology to enhance their efforts. Access The issues of access by the complete maximum for stand-alone applications is often overstated.

In developed and developing complete maximum it is common for projects and programmes of all sizes to have a computer.

The capabilities of most computers, even if purchased for other activities, are often not fully utilised. Computers can be used for more than word processing and data storage. However, nutrition educators need training and time to practice. They complete maximum malaria to experiment adding nutrition education to assessment programmes. For the public, access is becoming less of an issue.



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