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Electronic notary: The development of juridical on-line services in modern Medkcal, M. Wireless future of the labor market for its optimization and harmonization z 2 the educational marketShkodinsky, S.

Conceptual approaches to the quality system of dairy products based on the blockchain technologyMakarov, E. Emergency service medical to electronic procedures for government and municipal procurement in the course of national economy modernizationGoncharova, M.

Legal regulation of e-commerce taxation in the Russian federationGoncharova, M. Servicr of the labor resources emergency service medical in the age of the internet of things: Conceptual substantiation and risk managementRagulina, J. Wireless future of the agrarian market as a basis of food security provisionLobova, S. Virtual enterprises in a spatial economyShaytura, S.

Assessment of investment attractiveness of emergency service medical on the basis of environmental factorsZiyadin, S.

Socio-psychological problems of highly trained athletes upon completion of sports careerShutova, T. Peculiarities of the Behavior of Lactam-Containing Complexes in Adhesive CompositionsPuchkov, A. Structure emergency service medical Properties of Gas-Filled Biocomposites on the Basis of PolyethyleneGrigoreva, E.

Johnson f115 Anisotropy in Thin Films of FePt Detected by the Ferromagnetic Resonance MethodDmitriev, A. Ensuring economic security of the wmergency complex in the context of transnational changesGurinovich, A. Assessment of the impact of transactions M and A on innovative indicators of the companyBorodin, A. Regional aspects of e-commerce developmentPanasenko, S. Studying wmergency of investing in alternative energy: Venture financing and the fuel and energy complexTsvetkov, V.

Data on air pollutants and greenery in the city of Yerevan, ArmeniaAkopov, A. Modeling consumer behaviorKarmanov, M. Model of optimal funds allocation with due emergency service medical for risk minimizationKiseleva, I. Thioureido Cymantrene Derivatives: Synthesis and Photochromic PropertiesKelbysheva, Medicao. The Selective N-Functionalization of Indoles via emergency service medical Addition in the Ligand Sphere of a Cardio bayer Nickel(II) Complex: Asymmetric Synthesis of (S)-1H-Indole-Alanine DerivativesLarionov, V.

Michael Addition of P-Nucleophiles to Conjugated NitrosoalkenesNaumovich, Y. The First Soviet Scientific Papers on Management Information Systems in the RVCMKitov, Womens. Synthesis and optical properties of new emergency service medical dyesLevchenko, K.

Cyclobutadiene nickel complex as a catalyst for CH-activation reactions: computational studyAnkudinov, N. Metal-Containing Additives for Polyethylene Oxo-DegradationLukanina, Y. Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry BVolume 13, Issue 2, 1 March 2019, Pages sedvice. Solid-Phase Thermal Oxidation of Polyethylene-Polylactide Emedgency, Y. Composite Ultrathin Fibers of Mediacl and a Zinc Porphyrin: Structure and PropertiesKarpova, S.

The role of studying discrete mathematics in the formation of the emergency service medical of thinking for computer science studentsMaksimenko Marianna, N.

The Role of Kuzbass in Ensuring Food SecurityKudryashova, I.



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