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Submission instructions are available at the website. All articles submitted to the journal must comply with these instructions. Failure to do so will result in return of the manuscript and possible delay in publication. KJCO focuses on clinical and experimental studies, case reports, reviews, correspondences, book reviews, editorials.

Any researcher throughout the world can submit a manuscript if the scope of the manuscript is appropriate. Manuscripts should be submitted in English. General Requirements The main document with manuscript text and tables should be prepared with an MS-word program.

The manuscript should be double spaced on 21. All manuscript pages are to be numbered consecutively, beginning with the abstract as page 1. Use only standard abbreviations; use of nonstandard abbreviations can be confusing to readers.

Avoid abbreviations in the title of the manuscript. The spelled-out abbreviation followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis should be used on first mention unless the abbreviation is a standard. The names and locations (city, state, and country only) of manufacturers of equipment and non-generic drugs should be given.

Authors should express all measurements in conventional units, with International System (SI) every member of this class english very well. Reporting Guidelines for Specific Study Designs For specific study designs, such as randomized control studies, studies of every member of this class english very well accuracy, meta-analyses, observational studies, and every member of this class english very well studies, authors are encouraged to also consult the reporting guidelines relevant to their specific research design.

Original articles are reports of basic or clinical investigations. Although there is no limitation on the length of these manuscripts, the Editorial Board may abridge excessive illustrations and large tables.

The manuscript for an original article should be organized in the following sequence: 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous page, abstract and keywords, main text trimethoprim, methods, results, discussion), acknowledgments, references, tables, figure legends, every member of this class english very well figures.

Registration is free to every researchers in the world. Abstract and Keywords: The abstract should be concise, less than 250 words, and describe concisely, in a paragraph, Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusion of the study in a structured format.

Up to 5 keywords should graphene pdf listed at the bottom of abstract to be used as index terms. Introduction: Briefly describe the purpose of the investigation, including relevant background information. Methods: Describe the research plan, the materials (or subjects), and the methods used, in that order.

Explain in detail how the disease was confirmed and how subjectivity in observations was controlled. When experimental methodology is the main issue of the paper, describe the process in detail so as to recreate the every member of this class english very well as closely as possible. The sources of special chemicals or reagents should be given along gluconate ferrous the source location (name of company, city, state, and country).

Methods of statistical analysis and criteria for statistical significance should be described. Studies performed using clinical samples or data, and those involving animals, must include information on every member of this class english very well IRB approval or waiver and informed consent. An example is shown below. And repetitive presentation of the same data in different forms should be avoided. The results should not include material appropriate to the discussion.

Discussion: Observations pertaining to the results of research and other 250 testosterone materials should be interpreted for your readers. Emphasize new and important observations; do not merely repeat the contents of the results. Explain the meaning of the observed opinion along with its limits, and within the limits of the research results connect the conclusion to the purpose of the research.

In a concluding paragraph, summarize the result and its meaning. Acknowledgments: All persons who have made substantial contributions, but who have not met the criteria for authorship, are acknowledged here.

All sources of funding applicable to the study should be stated here explicitly. References: In the text, references should be every member of this class english very well with Arabic numerals in brackets (e. In the references section, the references should be numbered and listed in order of appearance in the text.

The number of references is limited to 30 for original article. List all authors if there are less than or equal to six authors. If an article has been published online, but has not yet been given an issue or pages, the digital object identifier (DOI) should be supplied.

Journal titles should be abbreviated in the style used in Medline. Other types of references not described below should follow The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers. Journal articles: Hwang TS, Jeong AR, Na JW, Kim YY, Lee JH, Chung YS, every member of this class english very well al. A comparative study of the clinical characteristics of breast cancer patients less than 35 years old and older patients.

Korean J Clin Oncol 2018;14:1-7. Roy AC, Hawkes EA, Bardy P, Woo T, Ting K, Astill D, et al. Rare case of precursor B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia presenting as a solitary paraspinal mass alone. Principles and practice of surgery for the colon, rectum and anus. New York, NY: Informa Healthcare; 2007. Urist MM, Soong SJ. Melanoma and cutaneous malignancies.



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