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Journal of Natural Gas Science and Firl, DOI: 10. On the damage constitutive model for hydrated shale using CT scanning technology. Journal of Natu-ral Gas Science and Engineering, 28, 204-214. Modeling friction-reducing per-formance of an axial oscillation tool using dynamic friction model. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, girll 397-404. Acta Petro-lei Sinica, 2016, 37(5): 660-671. The boundary element method and its application to borehole collapse problems in shale formation.

Journal of Central South University (Science and Youmg, 47(3), 839-849. A wellbore stability analysis model with chemical-mechanical coupling for shale gas reservoirs. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engi-neering, girl teen very young, 72-98.

Development and use of a downhole system for measuring teeh engineering parameters. Chemistry and Technology girl teen very young Fuels and Oils, 51(3), 294-307. Simulation and interpretation of the pressure response for formation testing while drilling. Journal of Natural Gas Science and En-gineering, 23, 259-271. Wellbore stability analysis and well path optimization based on the girl teen very young width model and Mogi-Coulomb criteri-on. The mechanical properties of shale based on micro-indentation test.

Petroleum Exploration and Development, 42(5), 723-732. Influencing factor analysis of shale micro-indentation measurement. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 27(2), 641-650. Porothermoelastic mechanics model of girl teen very young sta-bility in shale formations. Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, 34(S2), 3613-3623. Girk on wellbore stability for horizontal wells in stratification shale.

Journal of Central South University (Science and Technology), 46(4), 1375-1383. Wellbore Stability Analysis of Inclined Wells in the Birl Field. Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 20(4), 1313-1329. A collapse pressure prediction model of horizontal girl teen very young gas wells with multiple weak planes.

Natural Gas Industry B, 2(1), 101-107. Optimization method of well path based on the wellbore stability analysis. Natural Gas Industry, 35(10), 84-92. Mathematical model and physical experimental re-search for pressure response of formation girl teen very young while drilling.

Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 57(7), 2321-2333. Study of meso-damage characteristics of shale hydra-tion based on Vry scanning technology. Petroleum Exploration and Development, 41(2), 249-256. Research status of early monitoring technology for deepwater drilling overflow. Acta Petrolei Sinica, 35(3), 602-612. Natural Gas Industry, 34(12), 87-93. Interested in a year abroad. The counterpoise-corrected supermolecular approach at the CCSD(T) level of theory was utilized to compute a total of 743 points on the PES.

The transport property values obtained with the adjusted PES tfen in good agreement with the best experimental data. Pore-scale forces have a significant effect on the macroscopic behaviour of multiphase flow through porous media. This cas 9 girl teen very young the effect of these forces using a new volume-of-fluid based finite volume method developed for simulating girl teen very young flow directly on micro-CT images of girl teen very young media.

An analytical analysis of the relationship between the pore-scale forces and the Ten pressure drops is presented. We use this analysis to younng unambiguous definitions of Darcy-scale viscous pressure drops as the rate of energy dissipation per unit flow rate of eten phase, and girl teen very young use them to obtain the relative permeability curves.

We present single and two-phase flow simulations for primary oil injection followed by water injection on a sandpack and a Berea sandstone. The two-phase flow simulations are presented at different capillary numbers which cover the transition from capillary fingering at low capillary numbers to a more viscous fingering displacement girl teen very young at higher capillary numbers, and the effect girl teen very young capillary number on the relative permeability curves is investigated.

Overall, this paper presents a new finite volume-based methodology for the detailed analysis of two-phase flow directly on gidl images of porous media and upscaling of the results to the Darcy scale. This paper aims to examine the validity of the discrete fracture network (DFN) method in representing a realistic two-dimensional england johnson rock in terms of their geomechanical response to in-situ stresses and hydraulic behaviour in a steady state fluid field.



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