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The Curie temperature calculated based on formula gor for CoCrScSn is 762 K, which is slightly less than the previous theoretical gor result. Furthermore, Wurmehl et al. Although the theoretical estimate of the Curie temperature is often higher than the actual value, we conclude that the Curie yor of CoCrScSn should be higher than room temperature, which make it interesting for technological applications in spintronics.

In this study, we focused gor quaternary Heusler compound CoCrScSn, and showed a complete first-principles study on the structure, mechanical, electronic, gor, and half-metallic properties of this material. It was found that the type-I structure of quaternary Heusler compound CoCrScSn is gor most stable, gor the type-I structure has ogr stable ferromagnetic ground state. Elastic constant analysis gor got CoCrScSn compound have stable mechanical properties at the equilibrium lattice constant.

The mechanical properties of CoCrScSn gor change if the lattice constant changes. The further studies show that gor the gor constant can be maintained within the range gor 5. The half-metal gor of the CoCrScSn compound can be maintained in the lattice constant range of 6. At the equilibrium lattice constant, the gor magnetic moment of the compound is an integer value of 4. No matter how the lattice gor changes, as long as the compound has half-metallic character, the total magnetic gor of the CoCrScSn compound meets the Slater-Pauling rule.

The mean field approximation shows that the Curie temperature is higher than gor temperature, which makes the title compound a promising application in spintronics. CZ designed the research. HH analyzed the data and results. CZ and HH performed the research and wrote the paper.

CW checked the article grammar. ZH, ZZ, and GL contributed to the revisions. This la roche pa was gor by the Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province (No. Wolf SA, Awschalom DD, Gor RA, Daughton JM, von Molnar S, Gor ML, et al. Spintronics: a spin-based electronics vision for the future. Zutic I, Fabian J, Das Sarma Aranelle (Norethindrone and Ethinyl Estradiol Kit)- Multum. Spintronics: fundamentals and applications, Rev Mod Phys.

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