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Stochastic DEA with ordinal data applied to a multi-attribute pricing problem pp. Strategic investment timing under asymmetric access charge regulation in telecommunications pp. Pairs trading and outranking: The multi-step-ahead forecasting mrdicine pp. Investment using evolutionary learning methods and technical herbal medicine report pp.

Development of the parametric tolerance modeling and optimization schemes and cost-effective solutions pp. Measurement of a linkage among environmental, operational, and financial performance in Japanese manufacturing firms: A use of Data Envelopment Analysis with strong complementary slackness condition pp. IFC-IFC(1) Favourites: ADD A review of the recent contribution of herbal medicine report thinking to operational research and management science pp.

Favourites: ADD On solving the planar k-centrum problem with Euclidean distances pp. Favourites: ADD Convergence guarantees for generalized adaptive stochastic search methods for continuous global optimization pp. Favourites: ADD New strong duality results for convex programs with separable constraints pp. Favourites: ADD A modified alternating direction herbal medicine report for convex quadratically constrained quadratic semidefinite programs pp.

Favourites: ADD A lower bound for weighted completion time variance pp. Favourites: ADD A heuristic procedure for the Capacitated m-Ring-Star problem pp. Favourites: ADD On heuristic search for the single machine total weighted tardiness problem herbal medicine report Some theoretical insights and their empirical verification pp.

Favourites: ADD The off-line group seat reservation problem pp. Favourites: ADD A hybrid metaheuristic approach to solving repory UBQP problem pp.

Favourites: ADD Inventory and sales effort management under unobservable lost sales pp. Favourites: ADD Social responsibility allocation in two-echelon supply chains: Insights from wholesale price contracts rpeort.

Favourites: ADD Environmental safety stock: The impacts of regulatory and herbal medicine report control policies on production planning, inventory control, and environmental performance pp.

Favourites: ADD Ambulance location and relocation problems with time-dependent herbal medicine report times pp. Favourites: ADD A serial inventory system with supplier selection and order herbal medicine report allocation pp. Favourites: ADD A note on competitive supply chains with generalised supply costs pp.

Methadone Hydrochloride Tablets (Methadose)- Multum ADD Channel coordination under fairness concerns and nonlinear demand pp. Favourites: ADD A proactive approach for simultaneous berth and quay crane scheduling herbal medicine report with stochastic arrival and handling time pp.

Favourites: ADD Channel incentives hrebal sharing new product demand information and robust contracts pp. Favourites: ADD A simple model of deferred callability in defaultable debt pp. Favourites: ADD Pricing caps with HJM models: The benefits of humped volatility pp. Favourites: Prevnar Valuing executive stock options: A quadratic approximation pp.

Favourites: ADD Acwy cross-entropy method with patching for rare-event simulation of large Markov chains pp.

Favourites: ADD Stochastic lot-sizing problem with inventory-bounds and constant order-capacities pp. Favourites: ADD A single-shot game of multi-period inspection pp. Favourites: ADD A two-player competitive discrete location model with simultaneous decisions pp.

Favourites: ADD On some optimisation models in a fuzzy-stochastic environment pp. Favourites: ADD Mean time to failure and availability of semi-Markov missions with maximal repair pp. Favourites: ADD The effects of demand uncertainty on channel structure pp. Favourites: ADD An aggregate label setting policy for the multi-objective shortest path problem pp. Favourites: ADD Integrated bank performance assessment and management planning using hybrid minimax reference reort - DEA approach pp.



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