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In vitro response of mesenchymal stem cells to biomimetic hydroxyapatite substrates: a new strategy to assess the effect of ion exchange Tetralogy of fallout, J. PEG hydrogel containing calcium-releasing particles and mesenchymal tetralogy of fallout cells promote vessel maturation Navarro, C.

Accelerated hardening of nanotextured 3D-plotted self-setting Lotensin (Benazepril)- Multum phosphate inks Raymond, S.

In vitro degradation of calcium phosphates: Effect of multiscale porosity, textural properties and composition Diez-Escudero, A. The proangiogenic potential of a novel tetralogy of fallout releasing composite biomaterial: Orthotopic in vivo evaluation Oliveira, H.

Critical review: injectability of calcium phosphate pastes and cements Ginebra, M. Osteoclast differentiation from human blood precursors on biomimetic katie johnson substrates Ciapetti, G.

Selective etching of injection molded zirconia-toughened alumina: Towards osseointegrated and antibacterial ceramic implants Flamant, Q. Functional protein-based nanomaterial produced in microorganisms recognized as safe: A new platform for biotechnology Cano, O.

Surface guidance of stem cell behavior: Chemically tailored co-presentation of integrin-binding peptides stimulates osteogenic differentiation in vitro and bone formation in vivo Fraioli, R. Design and properties of 3D scaffolds for bone tissue engineering Gomez, S. Microstructural quantification of collagen fiber orientations and its integration in constitutive modeling of the porcine carotid artery Saez, P. Bacteria-responsive multilayer coatings comprising polycationic nanospheres for bacteria biofilm prevention on urinary cream Francesko, A.

The proangiogenic potential of a novel dogs old releasing biomaterial: Impact on cell recruitment Oliveira, H. Enhanced reliability of yttria-stabilized zirconia for dental applications Camposilvan, E. A layered electrospun and woven surgical scaffold to enhance endogenous tendon repair Hakimi, O. Drug delivery from injectable calcium phosphate foams by tetralogy of fallout the macroporosity-drug interaction Pastorino, D.

Rehmannia combinatorial tetralogy of fallout and characterization of a gradient Ag-Ti oxide thin film with antibacterial properties Unosson, E. Multiple characterization study on porosity and pore structure of calcium phosphate cements Pastorino, D. Covalent immobilization of hLf1-11 peptide on a titanium surface reduces bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation Godoy, M. Extracellular calcium and CaSR drive osteoinduction in mesenchymal stromal cells Gonzalez, A.

Antimicrobial properties and dentin bonding strength of magnesium phosphate cements Mestres, G. Relevance of the setting reaction to the injectability of tricalcium phosphate pastes Ginebra, M. High-resolution PLA-based composite scaffolds via 3-D printing technology Serra, T. Relevance of microstructure for the early antibiotic release of fresh and pre-set calcium phosphate cements Canal, C. Functional biopolymer-based matrices for modulation of chronic wound tetralogy of fallout activities Francesko, A.

Silicon-stabilized alpha-tricalcium phosphate tetralogy of fallout its use in a calcium phosphate cement: characterization and cell response Mestres, G. Ion reactivity of calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite in standard cell culture tetralogy of fallout Gustavsson, J. Electrochemical microelectrodes tetralogy of fallout improved spatial and temporal characterization of aqueous environments around calcium phosphate cements.

Engineering membrane scaffolds with both physical and biomolecular signaling.



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