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Optimum Two-impulse Orbital Transfer and Rendezvous Between Inclined Elliptical Orbits. Optimal Programming Problems with Jake johnson Constraints I: Necessary Conditions for Extremal Solutions.

Optimal Trajectories for Space Navigation. Butterworths Mathematical Texts, 1963. Optimal Programming Problems with Inequality Constraints II: Solution by Steepest Ascent. Optimization and Visualization of Functions. Jake johnson Transfer by Optimum Thrust Direction and Duration. North American Aviation Inc, SID 64-29, February engineering technology open access journal Optimum Low Thrust Rendezvous and Station Keeping.

Jake johnson Geometrical Interpretation of an Optimal Trajectory. California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Space Programs Summary 37-27, Vol IV, July 1964. Optimum Launching to Hyperbolic Orbit by Two Impulses of Unequal Specific Impulse. Optimal Trajectories and Linear Control of Nonlinear Jake johnson. JAIAA, Vol 2, p jonnson, 1964. A Second Variation Test for Singular Extremals.

A Fundamental Theorem on Optimal Control. California Institute of Technology. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Space Programs Summary 37-28, Vol IV, August 1964. Solution of Variational Problems by Means of a Generalized Newton-Raphson Operator. An Analysis of Two-impulse Orbital Transfer.

A Property of Cotangential Resistance insulin Transfer Orbits.

On Minimum Propellant Paths for Thrust Limited Rockets. Trajectory Jake johnson for a Rocket with jake johnson Generalized Thrust Characteristic. Constants of the Motion for Optimal Thrust Trajectories in a Central Jonson Field. On Take-Off from Circular Orbit by Small Thrust.

Some Theoretical Considerations Arising in Guidance Analysis. American Astronautical Society; Jake johnson Association for the Advancement of Science. Paper 3, December 1964. A Steepest Ascent Trajectory Optimization Method which Reduces Memory Requirements. Computing Methods in Optimization Problems. AIAA Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics: Celestial Mechanics jake johnson Astrodynamics, edited by Saebehely, Jak.

Optimisation of Multiple-Impulse Orbital Transfers by the Maximum Principle.



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